The Seasons of Growing Older

Growing older

Is like a tree

You start out little

Then you grow

You branch out into your hobbies



Then leaves come and go

Some green

Other yellow

It’s like fall

They represent new beginnings

Every time you lose leaves

It’s the start of a new time

Once they come back

You’ve got a different thing

A new school


Or obstacle

Growing older means more responsibility

Some get it at a young age

Others struggle with it

Along with responsibility comes independence

Some have too much

Or to little

It’s like winter

The snow comes and goes

Some winters are worse than others

You get lots of accidents

Or none at all

The roads or icy

You can slip and fall

This is when you have to much responsibility

You can slip

Get in an accident

Mess things up

When you don’t have enough

You can have no snow

It’s weird for this time of year

Your supposed to have at least some, but what if you don’t have any

Growing older is like spring

It’s the awkward parts

The weird in between

Growing older means new experiences

It’s like summer

Everyone loves summer

It’s a time to do things you want

Figure out what your passion is

What you like

And what you dislike

Everyone likes summer

But some hate the warm ness that comes with it

Some experiences are good

You enjoy them

But others can be bad

But you learn from them

I mixed the two ideas of growing older and seasons from this website

The picture above is from


I can’t sleep

It’s 2:11am

My mind is a jumble

I’m upset

I’m angry




Why can’t I just be normal

Why when I’m happy it never lasts

Something bad always happens after

I feel hopeless sometimes

It’s apparently a symptom of depression

Which I have

But why does my list of issues keep growing


Sorry if this poem is depressing but aren’t a lot of poems depressing. I like writing, it helps me cope with stuff that’s going on. Usually I write when I’m upset and please take into consideration that some things I write in poems I don’t feel all the time. Yes I’m depressed but medication and therapy helps, but I find that what helps the most is having someone you can count on to talk to. I don’t talk about my mental health on here to much just the occasional poem, late night thoughts, stuff like that.

I’m kind of dealing with some stuff right now, so sorry if I don’t upload to much this up coming week.


My Illness: A Poem

Sometimes I hate my illness

I mean really hate it

I feel as though I’m always canceling plans

Staying indoors

Not doing a lot

I don’t mind a lot of the time

But sometimes I do

I go back and think about how my life would’ve been different

If I didn’t have an illness

Would I have never met some of my friends

Never been really inspired to do something in the world

To make a difference

To start my blog or even art

Understanding stuff at such a young age

But also feeling as though I’m older than I actually am

If I didn’t have cf I probably wouldn’t be so understanding

So forgiving

So responsible

But I will never feel normal

I love to travel but more than half of my luggage is medical supplies

I always have to carry pills on me… everywhere

Sometimes I’m grateful for my disease

Not the physical aspect but the mental stuff

Yes I deal with anxiety and depression

Yes I’m stressed a lot

But I’m also strong

Sometimes I don’t feel like it

But if I wasn’t so strong would I be where I am today?


Fighting Poem


I want to give up

I’m sick of fighting

I’m going to break

I’m silently hiding

Under the smile

I’m not as strong as you think

I’m falling apart

My life is crumbling

It feels like my fault

The guilt haunts me

I wish this wasn’t me

I’m trapped in the walls

The walls of my disease

I’m silently waiting

For some hope to shine through

I feel like I’m suffocating

I will push through

If that’s what I have to do

I hide my emotions

I’m falling apart

I don’t want to fight

But there is no choice

I made it this far…