Hospital Diary’s

Day 1; Monday

Admission Day

I got admitted today. It started off with going through meds, a nose swab, getting vitals, and going down to get X-rays. I didn’t have to get pfts because I got them Friday. After this I got a iv, the person was great and I didn’t have to get poked twice. I did some treatments, started antibiotics and all was well.

Hah, just kidding I didn’t get any sleep!

Day 2; Tuesday

Picc Day

Okay so I actually got a picc today, yay!👏

My day started off right where I left it off, trying to sleep, I barley got any sleep and since I got my picc at 1 I was sleep deprived and didn’t have any energy due to not being able to eat. I was really dizzy and I got a headache that wasn’t going to go away.

I was happy to get my picc because I was worried my iv was going to blow soon and I just wanted to sleep. Oh I was not expecting this.

I had a reaction to the anesthesia and got really nauseas. I had been shivering from being cold, I got three blankets and took a nausea med. I had to get my blood sugar taken just to see if that’s what was causing it but it was in normal range (I do not have CFRD, aka cf related diabetes.) I had gotten nauseas last time but it wasn’t this bad. I got a fever and kept taking naps for the rest of the day. By night time I couldn’t do my feeds and I just tried focusing on getting good sleep.

Day 3; Wednesday

Visiting Day

Today I feel better, well better than last night. I got pfts today. They’re better but that’s because I closed off the back of my throat, but let’s just say they’re better because I’m suddenly not sick. Anyways one of my friends visited too. We walked around the hospital and she brought us candy. Vanessa if your reading this, thanks!

Sorry if I haven’t been uploading the first few days here have been rough but I will try to upload.


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