Five Feet Apart

So this is a new movie coming out called five feet apart, it’s about two young adults who both have cystic fibrosis aka the thing I have. When I first hear about it it was through YouTube. I saw a fellow Cfer reacting to it. Of course I had to watch the trailer.

So thoughts

I feel like you can’t fully rate this unless you have Cf. It’s showing the reality of our lives and it’s a tough thing to watch sometimes. I’m going back and forth with my thoughts. I watched the trailer everything seems to be correct. Now there’s some medical shows that I’ve watched where it’s complete bs. Like the show red band society and grays anatomy. Bu this seems pretty accurate.

When I first watched it I felt like I didn’t like that they were making a cf movie. I knew that although it’s spreading awareness it sends a fault in our Stars vibe. I knew that Hollywood is just going to dramatize it a lot of people aren’t going to focus on cf but just the romance and drama. After hearing some other Cf’ers thoughts I feel better about it. It’s going to spread awareness and it gives people an idea of what we go through.

Let me just say the only thing I found infuriate was the title, it’s six not five feet but I guess it sound better😂

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