Update/Random Post of the Week

Update/ Random Post of the Week

So I said early this week or last week that I was going to do a full update on everything. So here it is…

I have a sinus infection, I’ve been on antibiotics for two or so weeks and I have to do sinus rinses two times a day. It’s a pain and I’m struggling to do the sinus rinses everyday. Along with this, I have a lung infection. The symptoms started when I was put on a antibiotic for a sinus infection and since the sinus infection antibiotic also treats lung infections I’m staying on it and going to see my doctor this following Monday. My sister was put on the same antibiotic I’m on and is also seeing my dr Monday.

I’ve been kind of busy and stressed out a lot with health and some other things. I am doing online school because I’m sick a lot and I actually like it and now that I’m sick, it’s easier than going to public school. That helps with stress but I am stressed if I’m going to have to be admitted again since I’ve already been on this antibiotic for two and a half ish weeks, and whenever I get sick now I’ve been ending up in the hospital so I’m just stressed it’s going to happen again.

I want a port. My parents, well my moms eh about it but I honestly don’t know how my dad feels about it. It would help since whenever I get a iv it bursts the next day or two and I wouldn’t have to keep being put under for pics. My mom said we’ll see how we are after I get a bipap machine since when I sleep I breathe more shallow and that affects things.

Since me and my family host a golf outing each year to raise money for cystic fibrosis I was busy with that. It went good and we raised a lot of money. As some of you noticed I’m posting quotes of the days, those are not mine, I did not come up with them, there simply ones I find inspiring or relatable from Pinterest. I’m not sure if I should cite them but if you know please let me know. I’m also writing some poems. I know they’re bad but it helps me cope along with writing other stuff. Some of them don’t make since or could be taken the wrong way and I’m working on it but it’s more just for helping me than being good.

That’s all for now, bye!

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