Late Night Thoughts

I’m typing this at 12:44am and I just realized I scheduled “yesterday’s post” for “last night” so… ya. I really need to check it more often. Anyways I can’t sleep because I feel like crap. Literally, I can feel mucus in my lungs and it’s very uncomfortable. I took my inhaler and I’m doing the arubika but it’s not helping. I’m not really sure what to do.

So to start off the topic of this post I’m going to talk about school. This year both me and my sister are doing online school because of our chronic illness and it just seemed easier. So far it’s good. Most people would think it’s easy but it’s hard if you don’t have enough will power and aren’t responsible. A lot of it is up to you. I have to check my emails everyday, go through my work and see if I’m behind in any of my classes, work on classes and if I have a question I have to contact my teacher through email or text, I’m not sure if I can call them but I usually text or email. Luckily every teacher does a public video chat thing a couple times a week and I can go through the concept we’re working on and ask questions then.

Moving on to the next topic, careers. Because of my age I shouldn’t be thinking to much about my career but I honestly like to. I’ve always known I wanted to do something with animals. I remember before I moved I would always play “doctor” on my stuffed animals, aka a vet. Now I don’t want to be a vet now but I still want to do something with them. I was thinking either training like service dogs in a business that does that or work at some sort of rescuing shelter. I still might do something in art but maybe I could get a major in animal stuff and a minor in art so if I want to switch careers or do a side job I can do it.

Next topic, are tomatoes a fruit or vegetable. I remember in 4th grade gym fighting with this one person about this topic. We eventually asked the gym teacher and she didn’t know either.

Occurring to

The tomato is a fruit.

There… debate concluded…

Also update on my mucus situation right now I still feel like there’s a lot in there so what I did didn’t help but I’m getting tired so hopefully I’ll be able to fall asleep. Also me and my sister share a room and she’s snoring… she usually doesn’t snore so I had to put this in here.

Upcoming stuff

November 2 (I think) I’m getting another sleep study done to see how much I need the air pressure on my bipap machine. I need this because when I got my last sleep study done it showed that I breathe really shallow at night, aka I don’t exhale enough at night, aka I have to get a bipap machine… yay?!… I’m not looking forward to having to wear that for the whole night… for the rest of my life.

Anyways that’s all for today’s post, this was typed on the 20th/21st of September night. I decide to add this days day of the quote in this post too…

– A&R

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