Claire Wineland

So I would just like to make this post. I watched this YouTube her name was Claire Wineland. She had cf. Let me just say her life was hell. She almost died a couple times when she was 14 and she was on oxygen 24/7. Somehow she kept a positive attitude and a bright smile. I never knew her personally but she helped me through tough times and hospital stays. I loved watching her speeches and rant videos.

She raised a lot of money for the cystic fibrosis foundation. She inspired me to do the same. And she inspired hundreds of others.

She decided to get put on the waiting list for a lung transplant, obviously it’s tough to come by. She waited a while and got the call. I’m not sure when since I don’t have social media besides this blog but she got a transplant. She got it and had a massive stroke due to a blood clot. The doctors tried to stop it but it was her time to go. She passed away a week after. She was 21. May she Rest In Peace❤️

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