I’m currently sitting at my desk watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt trying to figure out what to write. I haven’t had any motivation lately. Its taken me so long just to write this and sorry if I haven’t been posting lately. Depression is apart of this. I just want to sleep, I’m tired, I don’t want to eat, and I have no motivation. It might just sound like I’m lazy when I say I’ve just been sitting around the house but its hard to do stuff when your not motivated. I’m even struggling just to write this. Its not writers block because I have lots of ideas, but whenever I start writing its just bad and just sucks. I want to write good posts for everyone and some of them are informational so I can’t write a one or two paragraph post for something like that. I also don’t want all my posts to be about cf because I need a life away from my disease, but other times I post stuff about it because it helps me cope.

Some quick Updates:

I am starting school Tuesday, I am going to be doing online school, sorry if my posts next week are all over the place.

I am in the midst of making a wix website to sell some of my art on. The reason why I’m not using etsy is because I tried doing that and I did something so now I can’t use that account to sell stuff. Me and my sister talked about kind of making a clothes “line” of custom made t shirts and sweatshirts for cystic fibrosis.

That’s all for now, bye!




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