Question!?! Please comment if you have answers!

So quick question, I want to start selling some of my paintings. But instead of using Etsy or something I would much rather use WordPress specifically this blog to sell stuff. The reason behind this is I have more traffic here and it’s easier to have stuff in the same place. But the question is do you know if I can sell stuff on my already existing blog (aka art and roses) and if I can how? Or you can leave a link to a website on how to do it. Thank you.

That’s all for now, bye!


  1. Hey I’m sorry I wish I had real answers. I know that you can get a business wordpress plan that definitely lets you do sales, but that’s a lot of money (I don’t have a business plan, so I don’t know heaps about them).

    You could always have an etsy store but do posts on here showing the art you want to sell and linking to etsy.

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