Random Post of the Week! Number ?

Random Post of the week!

Yes I haven’t done one these in around a month but I think it’s funny how I say random Post of the week when there always a month or so apart. Anyways this post is going to be just that…random! Let’s get onto it…

So music. Like most, music is a escape for me. I like listening to the upbeat rhythm that makes me happy, or inspired. It can block out noises and help lift my spirits. It also helps me concentrate sometime, say I’m doing homework and I listen to music it just makes the whole homework part less miserable, hah that’s a musical. Also I love listening to music while cleaning or doing art.

Most people think that if you read your a nerd. I mean it’s not like I read textbooks. If you asked me a year or so ago if I liked reading I would say no. But since I’ve found wattpad which is a reading app where people can also write story’s I’ve read a lot. I’ve read 90 page books in a day. It may seem like it’s not that much but when I say a page I mean more of a chapter. On wattpad you scroll down instead of over and instead of multiple pages it’s really just one, but it’s a whole chapter. I’ve also probably read over 30 books on that app. I also read the whole maze runner series in a week. Each book had over 300-400 pages and there’s 5 in the series. I also read 4 books in a little amount of time. I like reading because like music it’s an escape from my life. Which sounds kind of depressing but when I’m reading it’s like I’m the character and not a person with cf.

Being in the hospital is a experience. I mean i know I’ve been here a lot the last two years but each time something is different. Usually I know most of the nurses which is comforting because there not strangers. Also the transport people I know. Each time there’s something different. Either is being they added movies to the tv or med students graduated to nurses. When I’m first admitted I’m usually just anxious not depressed. But I’ve noticed that at the end of my hospiral stay I’m always depressed and it’s like mind what the heck I’m literally being discharged in a couple days.

I’m going to try and find a new laptop. Me and my sisters are old and they don’t work. Especially since we’re doing online school this year we need that. My dad said he wants us to get hp computer so I’m going to look soon. If any of you have a recommendation please say it in the comments it would really help.

Anyways that’s all for now, bye!

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