The A&R Journals: Hospital Diary’s #9-10

Day #9

(Wood pallet things)

Today I woke up at 8 and did therapy around 9. Then I got my meds and me and my sister went on a long walk after rounds. We were going out on a leave on pass today when my mom came to the hospital. We ordered lunch and watched Deadpool 2. I painted and we went on another walk. I like going on walks in the hospital because it’s like a little bit of freedom. It sucks being stuck in the same room for a week and since we’re not really supposed to walk around on the floor (even though we do sometimes)we go downstairs. We know our way around the hospital, this hospital stay we found some stuff. By the cardio vascular center there’s a java Juice or whatever it’s called and in the cardio vascular center there’s a Starbucks and a cool waterfall thing. We also found out about a outdoor garden thing.

When we went out we went to Joan’s, target, and Barnes and noble. At Joan’s Annabelle got some fabric to make a tie blanket like mine and I got some wood pallet things to paint on. At target I got some face wipes and lotion. And I obviously got books from Barnes and noble. When we got back we ordered pizza and rented a movie called ready player one. It’s a really good movie. I also had to change my gtube button, I changed it about a month or so ago and you can change it every one to three months but I changed it so soon since whenever I opened it stomach juices came out and that means that there was a hole in the ballon that keeps my button in place. Also when I took the water out of the ballon when changing it it only had 3ml of water and we put 4 in so that means it was leaking too.

I’ve been having some problems flushing my picc, my nurse couldn’t flush it and when she did it’s really hard. I started getting heparin locked instead of saline so hopefully it gets better in the next few days.

Day #10

Yay only four more days!

So I set a alarm for 7 and 7:30am last night so I could wake up earlier to take a shower, also because I like waking up early because not a lot of people besides my nurse comes in earlier. I ended up actually getting up at 9. Respiratory was 1 1/2 hours late so my whole treatment schedule is off. I’m getting pfts, and a ct scan of my lungs tomorrow. Also it’s back to doing pt. Today my grandma and cousin visited, my cousin got me and my sister a lot of smarties and a pack of big Reese’s. My best friend Vanessa visited for a while and we went on a walk like we always do. I took a shower and got my dressing changed. In about a hour we’re going out of a leave on pass again and going to a dog park with my mom and dad, my dad brought mya (my dog) from home so we can see her. We’re probably going to go to jimmy johns too.

That’s all for now, bye!

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