The A&R Journals: Hospital Day #4-5


Day #4

Not much happened today. Me, Annabelle, and my mom binge watched say yes to the dress. At home we don’t have cable so we’ve only watched the show at our friends house. We just watched it and I read some wattpad, my mom read on her kindle and Annabelle played sims which is so surprising. We went on a walk and got some candy from the gift shop. We started walking further but me and Annabelle were both having some breathing problems so we headed back to our rooms. Other than those “highlights” of my day we just went on with our normal schedule.

Day #5

So today there’s a car show at my hospital. They do this once a year where some cars like a monster truck and a transformers truck go to the front of the hospital and a bunch of other cars go on top of a parking garage. Since we can’ go to the roof of a parking garage since we have cf we just went to a window where we could see the parking garage and then we went down to the front of the hospital. Then we sat in a garden thing on the main floor and talked for a while.

It’s weird to be here while the car shows going on again because last year we were here for it too. We get bags from it that has a bunch of stuff in it but since were not really into cars we put them in gift baskets and auction them off at our gold outing we have once a year for cf.

I got my dressing changed which is always fun. I also have been painting. I finished painting a painting that I wasn’t done with but I think I uploaded a picture of it before it was done, I’m not sure. I also started painting a landscape of the view from my room window. I just have watercolor since its small and easy to pack but my moms bringing my acrylics and some canvases tonight so I’m planning on working on some really detailed paintings to keep myself occupied.

That’s all for now, bye!


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