The A&R Journals: Hospital Diaries #1

So yes I ended up getting admitted. I am going to be in for two weeks, my doctor wants me to get a bronchial scope and a cat scan done on my lungs to see what’s really going on. I hate admission day. They call us the day we planned on being admitted telling us what time we should come. And then everything is hectic from there on out. Getting X-rays, blood draws, ivs, pfts, treatments, setting up meds and a schedule. I’ll keep updated as the day goes.


I woke up and and did my treatments. This consists of inhalers, nebulizers, and my vest. Then I took my morning meds. I wanted to take a shower before going in which I recommend because in the hospital you can’t take a nice, long shower because of ivs and such. Anyways after this I finished packing up everything like my vest and pillow+blanket.


My mom just got the call and we’re going to be heading to the hospital soon.


I’m in the car now. I’m bored and am just playing games on my phone and listening to music. I’m nervous to get a iv and I hope I can get a picc tomorrow because my iv usually blows within two days. I hate going to the hospital when being admitted because I have a bunch of my stuff since I’m going to be there for two weeks.

We usually park on the roof of the parking garage because there’s usually a lot of open spots there and we want to be close to the elevators so we don’t have to walk much with all our stuff. The reason why it took so long for us to be called is because me and my sister wanted rooms next to each other since we’re both being admitted. Anyways I’ll update once I get to the hospital.


I’m at the hospital and unpacking, my nurse came in along with other doctors and rts and talked about what we’re going to do and when I’m going to get X-rays and blood work done.


I just got my iv. The lady had to poke me twice but I have it in my left hand. We are getting piccs tomorrow sometime, hopefully in the morning. I’m about to go down for X-rays. Well they were supposed to at 6 but transport is always late. I’m getting a X-ray of my lungs and stomach since I’ve been constipated, I know..TMI but it’s true!


I just got back from X-rays. My moms going to order pizza from a amazing restaurant called pizza house and I’m about to be hooked up to Antibiotics. I already have a bruise from where I got poked for an iv first and it’s really sensitive. Anyways I think I’m going to end this post here and just to be clear about my schedule while I’m here ever other day I’m going to post a hospital Diaries and then the other days I’m going to be posting a art one.

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