Going Home

Today I’m going home. The reason why this post is being uploaded so early is because my plane leaves at 10:35am and I needed to upload it before and when I’m still connected to the internet. Anyways I’m going to miss Paris but I think two weeks was a little too long. I’m starting to feel sick again so that’s why I say that. Anyways I was going to upload a airport journal but I decided not to because my flights so early. We go from Paris to Ohio which is a 8 1/2 Hour plane ride and then another hour from Ohio to Michigan. We land around 5 and the airports a hour away from where we live so we would probably get home around 7 our time but since I would still be in Paris time it would be 1am for us. I don’t like jetlag but it’s easier going back than forward.

I’m not really sure what I have planned for this weeks post since I’m going to just be relaxing and hanging out with friends. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep up doing two posts a day since that was kind of just for Paris since I was doing a travel post and then a art one. Anyways if you guys have any ideas or things you want me to draw or write about just put it in the comments! Thanks for bearing with me these last two weeks and thanks to the people who have recently followed/joined me here on my blog!

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