Travel Hacks for the Chronically Ill

1. When the flight crew calls people to start boarding the plane they’ll say that people who have infants or more luggage board the plane, board the plane. Often people with chronic illnesses have a lot of luggage with medical equipment in it so it would be easy to get on early.

2. Wear a mask, this can help keep away unwanted germs and sicknesses.

3. When getting bags checked ask them to put a fragile sticker on it so your medical equipment doesn’t get broken

4. When packing your pill container put it in a ziplock bag so if it opens it doesn’t get all over your bag and it easy to put back in

5. Have a airport staff help you through security if it’s busy or if you have to pack a lot of medical equipment that can’t get checked

6. Always pack extra stuff, you never know when you’ll need an extra gause or even a feeding tube button

7. Call the airline beforehand

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