Update, please read!

So along with my other post today I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that I’m leaving for Paris around 4pm today. Since I’m going to be in a different time zone and am going to be busy for most of the days I’m there I’m going to schedule a art post for 5pm and then another post related to traveling or Paris sometime that day.I have some ideas for my posts while I’m on the trip and I’m going to try to upload everyday while I’m in Paris which is going to include what I did that day or any other travel related things. I have some art work made up that I can post so it won’t all be me “talking”. Also I’ll be uploading some pictures that I take on my phone or iPad, I have a camera but I can’t upload any of the pictures I take on there til I get home since I won’t have my computer with me. Anyways I hope you enjoy my uploads while on the trip and just bear with me.

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