Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

1. If you travel a lot you know about frequent flights miles. You can buy tickets with it and save a lot of money

2. Pack things like lotion and shampoo in smaller, travel containers to save room in your toiletries bag

3. Put toilet paper in eyeshadow, blush, and powder pallets. This will help it not break since there won’t be any space in between the product and the container top

4. Put any liquid makeup in a plastic bag Incase it breaks

5. Put a pill container in a ziplock bag so if the pills don’t come out

6. Bring Clorox wipes to wipe down your seat in the airplane

7. Pack necklaces in straws so they don’t get tangled

8. Pack a extra pair of clothes Incase your luggage gets lost

9. Download stuff on Netflix

10. Bring earbuds for listening to music or watching movies.

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