Hospital Diary’s #13/14- Discharge Day

Me my sister, and mom walked around the hospital the other day and then ended up filming a stupid video of us dancing around. Here’s the link to the video and also my sisters blog who is in the video. Anyways enjoy!

Discharge Day!

Today I’m getting discharged! Finally, after being here for two weeks I get to go home. I had to do pfts yesterday to make sure they were better, and today I have to get my picc out, it kind of hurts but not unbearable. First the nurse takes off the dressing and then cut off the sutchers which are like stitches that keep the picc down, and then they pull it out and put another dressing on it. After 24 hours I can take it off. I also finished packing stuff up today and my mom signed the discharge papers. I already have the next weeks posts scheduled but after that, like I’ve mentioned before, I’m going on a two week vacation and I will upload a post about that soon and get that schedule figured out. Anyways that’s all for today since hopefully I’ll get out of here soon and get to see my dog.

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