Hospital Diary’s #11-12/Update

(Picture is the beautiful sunset I can see from my rooms window)

So the other day I went to a cat cafe. Let me just say great therapy and there all so cute! Anyways after that me my sister and mom went to Michaels and I got some more jewelry stuff. Today I finished painting a ocean themed painting, which I’ll probably upload tomorrow. I also did pfts today and got my blood drawn for a antibiotic level. Pfts were better so that along with me not coughing and my breathing problems slowly getting better it means I’m on the right path to getting better. I’m probably getting discharged early next week so around Tuesday I hope.

Anyways on July 2 I’m going on a big trip for two weeks, I’m going to make a specific post soon talking about where I’m going, what I’m doing, and how I’ll post around my busy schedule. If you have any suggestions with what I should upload when I’m on my trip, example: what did I do today? Pictures, packing hacks/ travel hacks, things like that please put it in the comments.


Today is Saturday and I’m not doing much today. So far I’ve done my morning treatments but nothing exciting. I don’t have pt today since it’s the weekend so I have yet more free time. I might just watch movies and do art stuff. I’m trying to convince my sister to watch Harry Potter because there long movies and there a lot of them. I haven’t seen all of them but I know enough about it to understand the plot. I think I’ll just order lunch soon and I don’t know what but I know I want a donut. The hospital has a ver yummy, big, cinnamon donuts that are so good! Anyways that’s all for now, bye!

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