3 things people assume about being in the hospital

So Instead of telling you about my day I’m just going to do a hospital related topic.

3 things people assume about being in the hospital

1. You do nothing

Now this is just plain out dumb. While some days I do sit around my day consists of 3 iv antibiotics that each take 30 minutes and then 1 more that takes a hour. Then I have 4 respiratory treatments each lasting around 30-50 minutes. Then I have pt in the afternoon that lasts a half hour and that’s just my normal day. Other days I’ll have pfts, blood draws, X-rays and more.

2. The food is bad

Now I can agree that some foods on the menu are pretty bad but a lot of it is actually good. For example my hospitals quesadilla is good, also there bacon and bagels are too. But those aren’t the only foods that are food there’s also ice cream, cake, grilled cheese, salads, and potatoes.

3. Your stuck in your room.

Now this only happened once when I wasn’t allowed to walk around the hospital because I had a virus. But the other 4 times I’ve been admitted I could walk around. There is a thing called a pass where you have to talk to your doctors to work out a time where you can leave. I mean this totally depends on your health and stuff but since I’m not so sick that I can’t get out of bed I can get out for a couple hours.

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