Hospital Diary’s #5-6


Today I didn’t have pt since it is the weekend so I didn’t have to go down at 2:30. I’m so soar from put yesterday because we did a lot of leg stuff. Also I forgot to mention yesterday that my pfts (pulmonary funtion test) are a little bit better. If you don’t know what pfts are there a test where you blow into this thing and it measures your lung function. Anyways I did a painting today, I would put it in here but it’s not finished.

Anyways my friend that visited the other day also visited again today, we just went in my sisters room and talked and watched funny videos on YouTube and ate candy.


As I’m writing this it’s only 11 but it’s easier to write it in the morning and just talk about what I have planned for the day. So today since it’s still the weekend I don’t have to go to or again, yay! I’m probably just going to do listen to music and finish my painting I was talking about earlier. Also another one of my friends are visiting today around 3. Other than that I’m probably just going to lie around doing art stuff, watching who knows what on the tv, and planning/ writing for my blog.

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