Hospital Diary’s #3-4


Today not much happened. We had our best friend visit us for a while which is fun. We just watched a movie and talked, while eating candy of course. My grandma also came for a little bit and I continued with my schedule of treatments every 4 hours and iv antibiotics 4 times a day. I also have a big bruise from my first attempted iv which the doctor decided to continuously pull in and out. Anyways that’s all that happened today.


It’s just about 12 and I got my picc line dressing changed at around 11. I did my morning treatments and went to pt. In pt I went on the treadmill for 10 minutes and then me, my sister, and the physical therapist played uno but of course it had exercise in it. Every color we put down we had to do a exercise. So blue was jumping jacks and red was squats, along with the other colors which meant other exercises. Now I’m tired.

Usually we have pt at around 3 but today we did it at 11 since we have pfts at 2:30. I’m hoping my numbers are better since last time, which was a couple days ago, they were in the 70’s. Anyways other than that not much is happening today. Tomorrow I’m going to get to see my chocolate lab who just turned 1. Since we can’t bring her into the hospital my dads going to bring her to a dog park and we’re going to go with so we can see her and play with her.

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