Life update

(Drawing done by TheArtUnicorn)

Life update

Hey guys this will just be a quick life update. I have a lung infection and have had it for a while now, I’ve tried 2 different antibiotics and a steroid, now the last 4 times I’ve had a lung infection I’ve been hospitalized and I will probably be again Monday or Tuesday, we made a agreement with my doctor to give this antibiotic til Monday (tomorrow) and if it doesn’t work we would probably be admitted. Nothing new here.

Anyways my posts probably won’t be as consistent and I might not post a lot I don’t know yet. Usually if I’m admitted I do hospital Diary’s so if I’m admitted I’ll do that but my art won’t be as consistent. I will obviously be bringing my art supplies but it all depends on how I feel since I should point out the last week or so I’ve done no art what so ever. And all the things I’ve been uploading have been scheduled beforehand. Anyways, that’s all for now and I’ll probably update soon.

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