Random Post of the Week!

So I honestly don’t know how consistent I’m with these random posts of the week, I think my last one was on the… oh poop, ok so maybe my last one was over a month ago… well anyways it’s national creativity day! Now I actually just figured this out, I know I know it’s weird that I didn’t know this off the top of my head! When I was thinking of writing this I didn’t intend it to be me me talking about creativity and such but since this day is the best day I guess I will.

So if you’ve looked through my blog I think it’s pretty obvious I’m a artist, you know with all the weird titles of me trying to figure out how to describe my art and such. Like oh ya over here there’s a nice landscape painting next to a blue necklace, did you hear that Karen, blue…yup blue! Wait where was I going with this, oh yes my blog. Ya so I’m a artist, I should know when national creativity day is so now I should “celebrate” this wonderful day by talking about art.

So I think I’m going to put in some pictures of my favorites, here⬇️

So here are just 5 of them and I hope you like them too. Anyways let’s talk about how much I love art. It helps me through hard times and gives me a hobby but also no money😂 To be honest since I’m only a teenager though I guess I don’t use it for anything else but still, very expensive hobby. I like sharing my art with people and I would like to start selling jewelry but I don’t know where to start. Long story short o tried setting up a Etsy account but because of my age I’m not supposed to so I have to figure that out with the help of my parents.

So ya you could say this day is important to me but at the same time you can’t, since I just found out that today was national creativity day, but never the less it still gives me a reason to talk about art more. That’s all for now…

Haha it’s not really all for now… if your reading this tell me what your favorite type of art is!


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