Random Late night Thoughts

Now before you read this I wrote this a couple nights ago, so yeah, anyways hope you enjoy.

(Random) Late night Thoughts

Time: 11:59

Date: 5/21

So I can’t sleep because I have a lung infection and am having breathing issues right now. So I have nothing better to do so why not write for my blog! Anyways let’s get onto the post.

So late night thoughts…

I’m thinking about hospitals and sleepwalking, the reason being because I have a lung infection and was watching YouTube videos on people on anesthesia. I know your probably thinking while anesthesia isn’t sleepwalking but just hold on. So I was watching funny anesthesia videos and i went down the rabbit whole and into watching kids sleepwalking so ya and thinking about sleepwalking, I know, random.

Anyways I’m also thinking about hospitals. Now I don’t want to go deep into thought on this because then I’ll just have another reason I can’t sleep but basically I have a lung infection and each other time I’ve had one the past year I’ve got admitted, so ya I’m thinking about hospitals.

Another late night thought I’m having is about donuts. Before my family moved to where I live now we would always go to Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast, mmmmm donuts. We would sit in the store and look at my dads computer on a website that’s focused on teaching little kids about cystic fibrosis (Cf) which me and my twin sister have. Great times. It also brings me to the thought of how much has changed over the years, with us moving, to how much I’ve changed in art, to my health. Anyways ending on the donut 🍩 note that’s all for tonight! Bye 🍩

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