How I met my Best Friend

The Story of how I met my Best Friend (well one of them)

I was in 4th grade, just starting at a new school since I moved. The day went fine, well as fine as a new elementary school can go. Since I am awesome, and probably because I have a twin, everyone kept coming up to us and asking to be our friend. Now they were nice girls, which changed soon enough, but that’s not what I’m talking about. This is the story of how I met my best friend.

Two weeks or so after that we started riding the bus. Now at our old school there weren’t any busses so it was me and my sisters first time. What we didn’t know was there would be a awesome girl we would soon meet that lived right across the street. Her name is Vanessa, V for short.

When the time came to go home I was very nervous to ride the bus. We got on everything was fine. We started talked to a girl who was very nice halfway through the ride. She gave us her number on a purple piece of paper, I don’t know how I remember this. We asked her where she lived and it turned out we lived on the same street! We were all so happy we finally could live by a girl around our age (V is a year older than me and my sister).

Both of our parents were at the bus stop. We asked our mom if she could come over and she said sure, and so did her dad. We hung out the whole rest of the day and it was great! Turns out she lives directly across the street from us too. We are still friends now so around 4 or 5 hears later.

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