Why Cystic Fibrosis Awareness is so Important

So today is the cystic fibrosis walk that is held every year. Lots of cf’ers and their family’s/other supporters get together and raise money. It’s called a walk because (shocker) we walk. There’s also food, yum! But anyways that’s not why I’m typing this, I’m typing this to explain why the walk is so important.

70,000 people worldwide have a genetic disease called cystic fibrosis (cf). Cf is a disease that effects mainly the lungs and pancreas. The lungs create thick, sticky mucus that can cause persistent lung infections and pancreatic insufficiency. There is no cure. So the walk is so important because every year there are thousands of dollars of donations that go towards the cf foundation to help find a cure.

So far the closest we’ve gotten to a cure is kalydeco which helps the mucus not be so sticky. It has decreased the amount of lung infections, improved lung function, and even has helped cf’ers gain weight. This is why it’s so important for people to donate because every year we get closer to a cure.

To donate and learn more about cystic fibrosis go to cff.org

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