Why I love Art

There are many different types of art. The ones I do are painting, drawing, crafts of some sort, and jewelry making. As you can probably tell I love it. Now everyone has the hobby they love. Some being sports or cooking, chess, or gardening. I love art for many reasons, one because I can express myself. Now I know it might sound cheesy but it’s true. If I’m upset and I draw or paint It helps me get my mind off of whatever I’m upset about. Or on some cases I can take my feeling out on my painting. Like for example recently I painted something that I will upload soon and when I was painting it the background I made when I was mad and the rest of it when I was anxious. So when I was mad I hit the canvas with my paint brush. Which now that I think about it probably wasn’t the best idea.

I can also express myself by showing my creativity. Like in everything, but mostly jewelry and crafts, it takes some planning. From designs to instructions it’s a process. I like to have detail and lots of color! Like I want some purple, boom! Purple! I want some green, boom! Green! Whatever color you want, boom! It’s there.

One downside that I don’t love so much about art is money. Like why do my hobby’s have to be expensive. Painting every canvas is around $15, paintbrushes can be $5 per brush depending on which one you buy. Coptic markers, colored pencils, art pens, pencils, sketch books, so much money. Pliers, beads, chain, jump rings, clasps, string, charms, wire. So. Much. Money. But then I think “you know what, it’s not like I spend it on anything else and I am only 14 so whatever.

Anyways that’s all the reasons I love art, even if it can get expensive.

That’s all for now, bye!🥨

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