Random Post of the Week!

My top 5 favorite tv shows/movies

So I have watched lots of shows and movies in the past year especially since I’ve been in the hospital a couple of times. These are not in order from favorite to least by the way. Also all of these are either rated tv-14 or under.

1. Stranger Things

I don’t have cable only Netflix but let me just say I finished the first two seasons in under a week. It’s so good! And since I only have Netflix I have to wait til next year til I can watch the next season. If you don’t like sci-fi ish stuff you won’t like this but other than that it’s good acting and a good plot so I suggest it.

2. The office

Oh yes it’s very stupid but that just makes it more funny. There’s a whole 9 seasons and there pretty lengthy seasons, I’m talking about 20+ episodes!

3. The tomorrow people

I just stared watching but I’m already on episode 7. It’s hard to explain so I won’t try.

4. Hidden Figures

Hidden figures is based on a true story about 3 African American women working at NASA.

5. Dolphin Tale

I have watched this movie since I was little. There is two and there based on a true story about a dolphin that was rescued named Winter.

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