Where I get Inspiration for Art

I usually find inspiration for art on Pinterest or of places I’ve gone to. I’ll scroll through Pinterest, pin some I like and when I’m done go through them. Sometimes ideas will pop in my head or i stare at my screen for 10 minutes until I figure out what to do.

With places I’ve been I try to remember my favorite part about of and try to replicate it by either drawing or painting it. Or I think of it and take a part of it, turn it into other ideas and boom. Painting idea! I know that probably doesn’t make since so I’ll use an example. I’ve used the beaches I went to when I was in vacation in Florida to get inspiration . I’ll imagine the beach and say take the water and think about a waterfall and whenever I think of a waterfall I think of a secret lake with multiple waterfalls and beautiful trees surrounding the whole thing and then paint it.

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