Hospital Hacks!

Hospital Hacks!

As you might know I’m in the hospital sometimes getting iv antibiotics for lung infections. I have cystic fibrosis so that’s what causes the lung infections. So I’ve picked up a few hacks along the way for when your in the hospital.

Bring your own pillows

I’ve learned over the last year that hospital pillows aren’t comfortable. I mean I don’t know what I expected but there actually horrible. So I suggest brining your own pillow, maybe even a couple to be more comfortable or if your going to be there a while.

Bring a Fluffy Blanket!

Fluffy blanket are key, I don’t know why I said it like that so don’t ask(I guess it sounds professional), but as you maybe have guessed hospital blankets are as bad as the pillows. But I do have to say my hospital has a special place where they heat up the blankets so when they bring blankets it’s usually warm and cozy, but the texture is pretty bad. So why not being a fluffy blanket! There comfortable and light weight, and I mean come on… there FLUFFY.

Pack comfy clothes

I always pack sweatpants, leggings, hoodies, and fluffy socks. All things comfy! It’s no fun to sit around your room wearing jeans or even a dress (unless, of course, you want to).

Earplugs or headphones 🎧

Whenever I’m admitted I like to bring these headphones that block out sound when you turn them on, there charged by battery’s. I suggest bringing earplugs, or headphones/earbuds to block out the noise or you can listen to something.

Bring a crock pot

If your in for a week or so bring a crock pot. A nurse actually suggested this to my family. Since the hospital food isn’t the best and ordering out gets expensive my mom makes food that she can put in a mini crock pot she bought, just plug it in and turn it on!

Bring your own toiletries

When I say toiletries I mean towels shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoo for days when your to lazy to take a shower, toilet paper! The toilet paper there is thin and isn’t good, I’ve never brought my own but I highly suggest it. Also a towel! The towels there are very short so it’s better to bring my own.

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