Another Late Night Thoughts

(Instead of Hospital Diary’s #15-16)


It’s currently 12:29am and I can’t sleep. I mean I can’t get comfortable and I can’t wait to get home and sleep in my own bed. I’m just listening to Pandora because I’ve noticed it helps me relax most of the time and makes me in better mood, so say I’d I’m sad and listen to music it can make me feel better.

Anyways I’m going to talk a little bit about this summer. I’m going to Paris! I’m so excited, its my dream! One thing I’m really looking forward to besides seeing the Eiffel tower and, you know, all the other things in Paris, is we’re going on a hot ballon ride. I’m pretty sure you can’t fly directly over Paris so it’s in the “Paris area” but I’m still really exited for it, it’s on my bucket list to go on a hot air ballon. I’m not sure what I’ll do about my blog but I’m not worried about it and quite frankly, I don’t care that much if I don’t post but because I mean come on, it’s Paris! I’ll probably just post pictures and stuff.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is what happens when I listen to music, on its own that is, like not doing anything while listening to. I get inspired and get drawing ideas. I think this’ll be my post for the 25th instead of doing a hospital Diary’s since not much is happening here.

Hmm I don’t know what else to talk about…

Hospital Struggles

Baby’s crying

ALL the machines beeping






People always filling in and out of your room




Did I mention the food… and the noises

I think the worst part is the privacy and independence. I can’t get water or food on my own. I have to take pills every time I eat and I can’t do that on my own either. If I have a headache I have to wait an hour for the doctors to put a order in for the med. If I want to be alone for a little bit I can’t because people are always in your room. Also the only privacy I get is a glass door, and windows, with a curtain.

I think that’s the end of this late Night Thoughts, bye!

(Above is a drawing that I’ve posted on here before)

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