Hospital Diary’s #13-14

Day #13

I forgot to mention that yesterday I got my gtube button changed. This is the second time I’ve gotten it changed. First they took the water out of the ballon that holds my gtube in place so it doesn’t fall out. Then they pull the gtube button out and clean the area with gause. After that they put the other side of a long cutip into 5e new button to straighten it our, and put it in. After that they filled up the ballon with 4ml of water and that was it.

We went to pt and walked for 7 minutes and ran for 3. Me and Annabelle switched places so when one when one of us was on the treadmill the other would be on the wii. On the wii we went on this step pad thing that’s connected to the wii and did some arobics. Then later we had Chinese for dinner and watched bewitched.

Day #14

Today not much has happened. I did therapy at 8:30, then I took meds at 9:15, and then did iv antibiotics at 9:30. After that I went to pt for the last time since I’m getting discharged Monday and they don’t do pt on the weekends. I did 10 minutes on the bike then balanced on two inflated things while my sister was on another one and we tossed a ball back and forth and did this other thing on them. After that we hula hooped. It’s 2 right now and in a little bit we’re going to take a pass and go to the mall. Not much else as happened today, besides going on a walk at 8, that’s all for now, bye!

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