Hospital Diary’s #11-12

Day #11

Today I did pfts, there up but I did close the back of my throat so I don’t know how much that affected it. I went to pt and did 10 minutes on the bike and then I played wii with my sister and we boxed and then ran, yes apparently there’s a running game on the wii that you can buy. After that I did some crafts that child life brought up. I drew more and watched movies.

Tomorrow I’m going to try doing my vest for 30 minutes instead of 20. Tonight I also tried doing my nebulizers before the vest but I started it at night so I only got the hypertonic in for trying that. I coughed a lot though, I’m not sure if it’s from doing it before or not though.

Day #12

We’re trying to do our nebulizers before we do the vest to see if it changes anything, also increasing my vest time by 10 minutes. In the hospital after I finish the vest I do 10 things on the arubika and then my inhalers. So it took around 50 minutes to do my first therapy today, and I have to do it 3 more times along with pt. I’m going to get my blood drawn today because yesterday they never came around.

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