Hospital Diary’s #9-10

Day #9

Today I got to go out of the hospital again. I went to Joan’s and meijer. I got fabric and made a tie blanket that’s big and very soft, and I also got 3 pairs of leggings from meijer and there the softest most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn. Besides that not much happened today.

I started using oxygen at night for comfort, I don’t remember if I mentioned that before, it helps with my breathing problems. I talked to my team this morning about it and we’re going to try using something else because my oxygen isn’t low so we assume it’s the air flow that helps. So far my sisters used it and it has helped her and I’ll see tonight if it helps me. Since the airflow helps we are going to have a sleep study done and see what that shows. I also am getting a induced sputum test to see if I can cough anything up since me and my sister aren’t getting better and they want to see what it will show. If that doesn’t work I think I might get a bronchial scope, I got one last year.

Day #10

Today one of my best friends visited me. We walked around the floor, went to a board that’s in one of the hallways and it basically is a board that has a projector and the things that project onto it can be anything from balloons to popcorn and if you move your hands over the board the things on it move. We also walked around the floor more. Other than that I did school work, drew, and went on a walk.

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