Hospital Diary’s #7-8

Day #7

Today has been a packed day, but wait thats not all, with a packed day comes a awesome night (sarcasm intended). Today I had a lot going on, although you probably got that from the last sentence. But anyways I did a lot.

It started with treatments. Then I had rounds, rounds are when all the people from my team come into my room and talk about what’s been going on and what I have planned for that day. After rounds I had iv antibiotics and another doctor came into talk to me and my sister. After that I had to go down for pfts and get blood draw. I then had to go down for pt, where I exercised. I worked on some school work… you know got to be productive too! After that more iv antibiotics and more doctors coming into talk. Also I had to get my dressing changed because it was coming off.

Oh no, that’s not all. You can’t just end a day like this with sleep, nooooo! I started having breathing problems at 11:30pm and there lasting through 2am. I tried taking alburtaral, which is a inhaler, and it didn’t help. So rt (respiratory therapy) came in again with a doctor and we talked and we ended up on me trying oxygen. And no it’s not because my oxygens low it’s for “comfort” and why I put that in quotation marks is because it’s not the kind of comfort you would think. The rt said that some adults in the hospital use oxygen for comfort. It can help relieve chest tightness and stuff which is one thing I feel when I’m having problems breathing. So far it’s actually helping.

I was hooked up to 4 things at once, which now when I say it, it doesn’t seem like a lot but there all in different parts of my body so it sure feels like a lot. Oxygen, iv antibiotics, the finger thing that glows red (I know, so scientific) and the gtube feeds were the things I was hooked up to, and yes I have an antibiotic at 1am. So today and has been such a fun day. You know when people say that all you do in the hospital is sit around all day, although this can be true at times, today just shows that that is not true. Anyways I was also going to post a picture of a drawing today but I totally forgot about it, unless I was smart and scheduled uale it but probably not.

Random “fact” with Brianna! It took me around 8 minutes to grt up and use the bathroom. It doesn’t seem like that much now but I had to unhook/re hook a lot of stuff. Such a fun fact! Maybe I’ll do these after every Hospital Diary’s post, I don’t know, we’ll see!

Day #8

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!☘️

Today has been uneventful which I’m glad about since I had to do so much yesterday. I’ve just been laying around watching some movies, drawing some things. I’m very happy and excited because at 6 I’m going to go to a dog park. I haven’t seen my dog mya in a week since I’m in the hospital so my dad who is at home today is bringing my chocolate lab, Mya, and we’re taking a pass and going to a dog park so we can play with her.🐕🐶

Not much else happened today, that’s all for now, byeeee!

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