Hospital Diary’s #5-6

Day #5

Today not much happened. I tried bubble therapy for the first time. Its like the arubika, but with bubbles! I got a bottle and filled it up with water and put some soap in it. Then we take a tube and cut it to 50 centimeters, the longer the tube the harder it is. When you blow into the tube it makes bubbles! It replicates the arubika which you blow into and it’s used to shake up the mucus in my lungs. On the arubika there’s different settings so that’s where the length of the tube comes in. To be able to replace this with a vest or arubika you have to do 4 sets of 10.

Not much else has happened today, I started a new med to help me fall asleep and it’s working great, other than that there’s nothing new and nothing’s really happened today.

Day #6

Again today nothing has happened. I went to pt and played uno but it was where whenever there was a wild, draw two, reverse, or skip we would have to do an exercise. Other than that I’ve just been watching the office, I drew something which I will upload tomorrow. I also went on a walk with my sister (Annabelle) and my dad. I will probably read later since I just started reading a new series. I think I’m getting my blood drawn tomorrow for an antibiotic level and I’m getting pfts again Monday.

That’s all for now, bye!🦋

(Picture above is of my bathroom door in the hospital and child life people cut out patients names and make it into a garland for us to put in our rooms)

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