Hospital Diary’s, Days #3-4

Day #3

Last “night” at 12:30 I had to grt my blood drawn for Tobi levels, then again at 6:30, and 1:30. Today I also got my picc! I was told I was going to get it at 12:30, I got it at 2:30. It was very boring waiting. After my picc I didn’t do much… surprise surprise! But the anesthesia or the relaxation med they gave me through my iv before I went to the procedure room made me not so happy, I’m not sure why.

After I was awake me and my family walked down to the big cafeteria to get some food for dinner and I haven’t been there in a couple years.

Day #4

Today I’m spending my first few hours awake in the icu! Fun! But don’t worry I’m okay😂. I have to get a Challenge for an antibiotic. A challenge is where after they do skin testing, and shots for allergy testing you have to either do a challenge of a pill or a through an iv, but the one I was testing for was for a iv. But I have to get it tested in the icu because it’s the only place they have people that can watch me Incase I have a reaction but the doctors think I won’t get one. Especially since when I was on the antibiotic before the only reaction I got was a rash all over so it’s not exactly life threatening.

I am connected to heart monitors, blood pressure machine, and another thing I can’t remember that goes on my finger. I’m wearing a mask because I’m not really in a room I’m just surrounded in curtains, and especially since I’m in the icu I want to wear a mask. I’ll probably just read and type more for my blog. Later I’m supposed to get pfts and when I get back to my room I have to do therapy and physical therapy later.

My friend is visiting around 6! I am happy because 1. I miss her and 2. I am so bored! Also I’m pretty sure I’m not allergic to the med because I have around 15 minutes left til I can leave to go back to my room and nothing has happened.

I finally got back to my room around 1:30. I ordered food, I’m taking my pills and doing therapy… still have more to do so it really is a fun day!

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