Hospital Diary’s, Day #1-2

Day #1

So today I was admitted into the hospital for lung infection so I can go onto iv antibiotics. I will be posting these 2 at a time unless one day I have a lot to say. Today I got at the hospital around 4 maybe… I don’t know. I hate the first day in the hospital, it’s really hectic. There’s always a bunch of people who want to see you and a bunch of stuff you have to get done. For example I had to get blood drawn, iv, X-rays, my cf doctor came in and talked to me, respitory therapist, and I also had to get an ekg for a med I’m on. I think I have to get pfts tommorow, and I have to do a challenge for a iv antibiotic I’m allergy testing for. I’m going to hopefully get a picc monday, because I am not doing it bedside.

Oh let me just talk about anestia/ piccs. This will be my fourth picc in my whole life, now I have been on anestia many times for other procedures, but a picc was my first one. I was nervous at first but they gave me some relaxing medicine before I went back into the procedure room, by the way my hospital might do it differently than other ones, so I was given some medication to calm me down before the picc was placed but it wasn’t anestia.The first few times I got this it made me laugh… a lot, it was very funny. It was like I couldn’t control it and soon my stomach muscles hurt. Now the medicine just makes me feel warm inside and really calm, so basically it does what it’s supposed to do.

I am now typing this with one hand bc my wrist hurts (where I have an Iv) and I need both my hands to type… but I’ll manage😂.

Anyways… anestia! Fun stuff! Its 1:44am right now and everybody knows I already have problems with sleep for some reason, jut add on a noisy hospital! But luckily I do have my sound proof headphones, well not “sound proof” but close enough to it.

I’m really glad that the nurse that took my blood and did my iv were good. Only one poke for each!

On another note the internets being quite a butt right now, every time I go on my iPad I’m not connected to it and just ughhhh… anyways that was my day.

Day #2

Today nothing is really happening. I’m currently watching the office and drawing. I just got done with some therapy. I don’t know when I’m getting the challenge done for my allergy testing but I’ll figure it out soon enough! I’m pretty sure I’m getting my picc tomorrow and I might also be getting pfts but if I’m getting my picc probably not. Luckily I didn’t test positive for any viruses so I’m pretty sure that means that I can walk around the hospital and won’t be stuck in my room for two weeks. Although hopefully once I get a picc I can get a pass to leave the hospital.

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