5 Feeding Tube Hacks!

I have a feeding tube because I have cystic fibrosis which is a genetic disease that affects mostly the lungs and pancreas. It’s basically where my body produces too much mucus because my chloride channel doesn’t work as it should which causes the salt and water in my cells to not be even. It makes me get lung infections and also makes my pancreas not be able to produce the right among of enzymes for me to digest food. I have a gtube which is a tube that goes directly in my stomach, it helps me gain weight since I don’t absorb enough nutrients through eating.

Here are some hacks I’ve learned from the last few months!

1.) Dont use your iv pole.

I am only hooked up to feeds at night (around 8 hours) and I have found it easier to not use my iv pole. It’s up to you but an iv pole takes up a lot of room, also the way my bed is. My bed is on the ground (no bed frame) and up against a wall. I moved my bed about the width of my feeding tube machine away from the wall. I put books in between my bed and the wall where I planned to put my machine. Then I set my machine, screen facing up, on the books. Luckily for me there was an outlet right by it. I put a hook right by the pump for my formula bag to hang. Then when I’m not using it my comforter covers my pump and it’s like nothings there! Well except a “random” hook in the wall.

2.) Keep wet wipes by your bed.

I have yet to do this but I had the idea a few weeks ago. Keep wet wipes by your bed so that you can clean the sticky formula you get on your hands.

3.) Get a Tray.

I have found this so much easier to carry up all my gtube stuff to my room with a tray. I bought a tray at Michaels for around $10. It’s so much easier and plus I can carry other stuff on it like my phone and iPad when I go up to bed.

4.) Keep a sharpies at hand.

While this isn’t really a hack it’s something fun to do. I did this for a little while and I still keep a sharpie on my gtube tray for this reason. To draw something fun on my formula bag. It can be things from little hearts to a flamingo. It’s just a thing to put a smile on your face when dealing with things that wouldn’t necessarily be happy.

5.) Tape.

Use tape to tape your extension tube. I like to do this because it makes the tube feel more secure when I’m hooked up. Plus if you accidentally pull on it it’s pulling on the tape/ your skin not the gtube.

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