The Waiting Room Diary’s!

So today I have to get allergy testing done. If you don’t know what allergy testing is it’s where doctors poke you with these blue toothpick things that have some of the things that your getting tested for on the tip on it, that’s called the skin test. Then they gave me shots of the thing, which in my case is antibiotics and wait 20 more minutes to see. Then I had to get more shots and then take a pill and wait an hour.

I’m currently waiting in my room and am very bored, I have read, drawn, looked on Pinterest and puns, and am rolling around in the rolly chair.

I have about 8 minutes left and am very bored…




This is probably not what you want to be reading right now…

Um what should I talk about. Story time! Maybe… no I can’t think of any story’s, hmm.

One time me my sister and one of our friends saved two turtles and a tadpole. Well you see, we have a camper and we used to go to this one camp site. We brought our friend one time and we were walking down and along the river/ stream when we saw a bucket. We walked up to it and there was the two turtles and a tadpole.

So we did what any person would do and released them back into the wild. Well we just dumped the bucket into the river. We assumed someone scooped them up since they were, obviously, in a bucket. Also we never really saw turtles at the camp site anymore so we also assumed a lot of people were capturing them.

We walked back to our camper and looked back and there was a person grabbing the bucket and learning that there wasn’t any turtles in there. Now just think, this bucket was around 10 feet from the river and we put it back in the spot we found it with water in it, but just released the turtles. That person must have been so confused. But we later saw that same person at the lake the camp has, with his two kids so we assumed he got the turtles for his kids.

Was this such a interesting story, it’s the only one I could think of off the top of my head. Anyways it’s currently 10:46 at night and I just finished typing all of this. All of my allergy testing things came back negative, if you were wondering, so ya. This will probably be an ongoing topic, The Waiting Room Diary’s, since I am in waiting rooms a lot.

(The picture above is of me and my dog)

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