Late Night Thoughts

It is currently 11:04pm and to no surprise I can’t sleep. It’s not that I’ve tried all that much it’s that I’m hot then cold then hot then cold again, my racing thoughts, constant headache, breathing problems, and not being able to get comfortable. Now this isn’t new to me. It’s not some one night thing, this is something I deal with on the daily. My racing thoughts caused by anxiety, breathing problems from cystic fibrosis along with headaches from my crappy sinuses, again nothing new.

But I guess it’s not all half bad, well besides being extremely tired the next day(s). It’s almost, sort of, peaceful at night. it’s quite for the most part, you know besides my Gastronomy Tube machine (feeding tube) and my fan, but I like the noise my fan makes, and I’ve gotten used to my feeding tube. I also share a room with my twin sister so I have her to talk to, I have my iPad to browse Pinterest and read books on.

I am currently reading the Maze Runner series. I have seen the movies before I started reading the books. I first intended on only reading the two prequels, but then I realized that the books are much different from the movie since at the end of the fifth book (second prequel) it showed a snippet of the first book. I read the two prequels in under a week and am now more than half way done with the first book. I read a lot of this at night since I can’t sleep, or during the day when I had nothing better to do and just wanted to escape my thoughts and life a little.

As for Pinterest I look at things from funny animal things to diys and crafts, paintings and drawings, finding inspiration and trying to figure out some art ideas. I also look at some videos by buzz feeds “tasty” when I get really bored, although I have probably seen more than half of those videos.

So ya, this is what I do at night, 🌙

P.s it is now 11:22pm when I have finished writing this.

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