Snow Day!

So today, as you can tell by the title I have a snow day. I actually had it yesterday (Monday) but forgot to upload it so here it is, today.

So my school is probably one of the last school districts that call off school because of the weather. A few times districts near my school have been called off on a bad day and our school was not. So it is kind of rare to have a snow day, seriously this is my second snow day this year.

So today I’ve been playing games on my computer, talking to friends, drawing, doing my cf treatments and other stuff. I’m drawing something for this blog that I’ll upload either tomorrow or the next day depending on how busy I am because it’s taking me a little to finish it.

I recently made a light box (for tracing) with my dad. I used some lights from ikea, a plastic container, hot glue wood, and acrylic. It is useful, and it’s way cheaper to make it than to buy one.

Anyways the rest of the day today I was just binge watching The Office, playing/ cuddling with my dog mya (picture above) went to the gym (fun!) and some other boring stuff.

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