A Day in Clinic

1/19/18 9:50am

Today I have clinic, which I have to go to every 3 months, but this time I have to get tested for CFRD, Cystic Fibrosis related diabetes, so I have to get my blood drawn then during a really surgery drink and then get my blood taken again. I’m currently waiting in the waiting room, watching monsters inc while going this.


I am in the room where I get my blood drawn, luckily they can do it through my picc so I don’t have to get poked… yayyy!


Update: Just got pfts done, they went up a little but I’m not sure if it’s enough to get taken off antibiotics since I’m not feeling better. The dietitian came in then pt came in and talked to us (physical therapy.)


Waiting, waiting, waiting… oh how fun waiting is. In around 15 minutes I have to go down to get my blood drawn for the second time today for glucose testing then it’s back up to the room to see our doctor.


Just got my second blood draw for glucose testing, back in the room waiting yet again.


Doctor just left and now we’re waiting to get me and my sisters pics out, and after that we’re going out to eat (still haven’t eaten lunch) and then to pick up prescriptions then home.


Just left clinic!

So that’s a Day in Clinic, and yes, it usually takes all day.

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