Hospital Day No. 6-7


Today one of my friends visited me and my sister. We talked a lot and watched a movie, she was here for around 3 hours. All of us wanted to her to stay til midnight but we didn’t know if the hospital would let it, plus her mom didn’t want to stay that long.

My family and I watched some movies before we turned on abc to watch the ball drop in New York. When the ball dropped we could see people outside our window setting off fireworks. It went on for a little. After that my sisters nurse came in wearing a Happy New Years headband and she gave us glow sticks!

This New Years was a very interesting experience…but as my dad said let’s not do it again!


HAPPY NEW YEARS! Anyways hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get out of this place. I have a pulmonary function test so we’ll see how my numbers are and how I feel. Not much is happening today I’ve just been watching movies and ect.

Here’s a list of some other things I like to do in the hospital:

* Draw

* Crafts

* Read

* Play video games

* Watch movies

* Play board games

* Paint

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