Hospital Day No. 4-5


Today was uneventful. I basically just spent the day watching movies and doing treatments. While in the hospital I have a lot on my schedule which might be surprising to some because they might just think I sit around all day doing nothing.

My day consists of 5 Iv Antibiotics, 4 vest treatments, many pills, and vitals. I also have pt come in and pound on me, and usually go down to the gym at 2 but not this time since I have a virus. I have one antibiotic every 6 hours and the other every 24. My nurses used to have to take my vitals (temp. blood pressure, oxygen, ect.) every 4 hours including in the middle of the night, now they changed it to every 8 so I could sleep better.

Sleeping in the hospital isn’t fun at all, I have my feeding and Iv machine going. Also noises and light from the hallways and other rooms.


The day finally came… I finally left the hospital. No I don’t mean being discharged but I did find out when I was being discharged or at least around that time, which is Tuesday. Me and my family went out and went to spend some money we got from Christmas. We went to Michales, Kohl’s, and got food from Jimmy Johns. After we went to Kohl’s my sister and I started to get tired, so that’s why we came back so soon but it was still nice to get out even if it’s just for a little bit.

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