Hospital Day No. 2-3


Last night after midnight I couldn’t eat or drink anything but I was hooked up to fluids through my Iv. If you’d not know why this happened it’s because we thought I was going to get a picc today, but nope. I mean I guess it’s ok except that an antibiotic that were on though the Iv is strong so my sisters Iv burst (my twin sisters also in the hospital.) They were rescheduled for tomorrow, first they said that mine was at 7:45am and my sisters at 11, but then mine got changed to 12.

Tonight at 9 and 4 in the morning I have to get my tobi levels checked which is an antibiotic I’m on. Luckily I’m used to getting poked and the people at my hospital are good, so at least it’s kind of easy to go back to sleep.

All today I’ve been hooked up to something, since I’m not eating a lot and haven’t gotten my tube feeds last night and am not getting them tonight (because I’m NPO) I have to be hooked up to that for around 8 hours. Also I was hooked up to fluids the whole morning because we still thought I was getting a picc. Then antibiotics every 6 hours and another one at night. Isn’t life in the hospital so fun!


Not much for today except getting a picc placed at 12. I hate waiting that long because I can’t eat or drink anything until after. Oh ya and tomorrow I’m getting a pulmonary function test(pft) to see if I can go home even though it’s only been a few days.

Again I’m hooked up to fluids until after I get the picc since I can’t drink anything.

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