Hospital Admission Fun! Hospital Day No. 1

Today was admission day, which is always fun…and I mean this with lots of sarcasm. I was admitted because of Cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that causes my body to produce lots of sticky mucus, so I get lung infections, this year I’ve been getting a lot causing me to get admitted. The first day in hospital is always packed with lots of activity, and when I say activity’s I mean people constantly flowing in and out poking and prodding at you and lots of testing such as x-rays.

After i got settled in my room around more than 4 people were outside my door wanting to do different things. These people included P.T, my nurse, Iv people, blood draw, transportation wanting to take me to my pulmonary lung function test and then to x-rays, and someone to do nose and throat swabs to test for the flu and other bacteria’s.

First I got pounded on by pt to shake up the extra sticky mucus in my lungs, then I got my blood drawn while PT was pounding on me, the nurse insisted that she could draw my blood while I was shaking. Then I went to get my Pfts and x-rays, after that I relaxed a bit and got my Iv. I had to get poked twice because the first time they didn’t hit a vain, which isn’t there fault. Tomorrow I’m getting a Picc line so i can get rid of this Iv, I think its a record for the shortest time I’ve ever had an Iv in while admitted. If you don’t know a picc line is a long lasting iv tat goes in your arm.

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