Support and Cystic Fibrosis

I’m not sure if I’ve already made a post about this topic but if I did oh well I’m going to do it again. Anyways Support and Cystic fibrosis! Support and Cf is a big thing for me and my family, we go to the Cystic fibrosis Foundation Walk for a Cure most of the time. We also have been doing a golf outing for the last four years, basically where friends and family come to a golf course, golf and we have raffle baskets and such to raise money. The reason why support is such a big deal is because the money that goes to the foundation goes to trying to find a cure and new medications.

Here’s where you can donate:;jsessionid=74EF1DA9F9D559FFE65DCB760E0F8CDD.app212a?1761.donation=form1&df_id=1761&_ga=2.173681379.192789679.1512323270-1987181921.1456070261

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