What Its Like Growing Up with Cystic Fibrosis

When I was younger, around 5,6,&7, I never really understood what Cf was or that I was different. I know what your probably thinking, “how could you not realize this” because of all the treatments and med’s but when your at that age you don’t understand much. Now that i’m older and hitting the end of middle school I understand a lot more about Cf than when I was 7, now I understand how my body works and what my treatments and med’s do for me and how there important.

Growing up with this disease (or any disease) is hard especially at a young age. Its hard when treatments get in the way, and getting sick causes you to not be able to do things that people your age are doing . You get sick of your treatments and taking medicine whenever you eat, but at the same time you know you have to do them, or else you’ll get sick. When you are sick it sucks even more, double the treatments, more medications, sometimes hospitalizations, and even surgery!

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